The Declaration of Independence from the Democratic Party

When a major political party of these United States stops serving the needs of the people of that nation and creates an atmosphere that is detrimental to the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to the citizens struggle, then those wise enough to separate themselves from such tyranny should declare the reasons that impel them to the separation.
Following the example of our ancestors, we hold our precious documents like The Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, as well as others that set-up or created the government and/or laws of these United States to be eternally ingrained in the very foundation of our Republic. That means that no laws can be amended or changed if they already serve the good of the public unless it is agreed upon and is implemented in a way set forth during our founding. In addition, any set of values or actions that go against the major principles that helped create this republic only hurt the freedoms that all American’s enjoy. These major principles are outlined in The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States and the *Bill of Rights. The Democratic Party of the United States has a history of repeatedly causing difficulty for the people of these 50 states and territories, with their leadership of the nation, the bills they create and put into law, as well as creating policies that are unrealistic or proven to be damaging. In this way they only harm the United States of America and her so blessed people. To prove this, let facts be submitted to the modern world.
The leaders of the Democratic party of the United States of America have, in a blatant disregard for Capitalism and the free market this nation was built upon, created a system of socialized medicine that was introduced to the world as The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. They lied to the people as well as the media to force the 20,000 page bill through the legislative system, and touted that “you can keep your doctor.” In the end premiums and the cost of basic care skyrocketed making it more difficult for average Americans to afford essential healthcare and/or basic medications needed to survive and prosper. 
At many times they have called for the harassment of anyone who does not share the same ideology as them. We have called for peaceful demonstrations, and reminded them that violence against those who do not share the same ideas is unequivocally against the freedom of speech and distancing of tyranny that our beloved nation was founded upon. They have only ignored our pleas for mutual respect as well as peace, and riot in the streets that only result in the injury or death of an individual or group of people and the damage of property.
They have created an atmosphere that is against the many good men and women of law enforcement, making it harder for such officials to do what they need to in order to keep everyone safe from individuals who prey on the young and weak. Together with the media, individuals within the Democratic Party of the United States create movements like Black Live’s Matter – an organization whose only purpose is to blanket all law enforcement officials with a thin veil of false racism. 
They have conspired against a candidate for the Presidency using their powers of surveillance from government agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and at the time was actively surveilling the Republican party’s Presidential nominee along with his communications. In addition, they worked with individuals within the FBI to secure an “insurance policy” in the case the Democrat’s did not win the office of the President of the United States. In what can only be described as a soft-coup, the plan was to create a (false) dossier that was paid for by the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton that alleged the Republican nominee conspired with the Russian government in an attempt to rig our elections and falsely win the Presidency. These plans were leaked and now are known to the public. If everything went as planned, the next step for the Democrat’s was to overturn the results of the election, where another would be held to alter the results of.
The Democratic Party of the United States uses the minority population to gain and hold power, relying on illegal immigrants that injure, steal, rape, and murder our lawful citizens. They have publicly defended the brutal gang MS-13 who are known to commit crimes that could be viewed as crimes against humanity. They defend people avoiding legal entry into the US and call for their naturalization… thereby rewarding those who break our laws.
They have promised to repeal the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, leaving these citizens of the United States helpless against attack or threats against the security and people of this nation either from an enemy with an external or internal force.
They have shrunken the size of our military to a size equivalent to before World War II leaving the people of this nation more open to attack from other governments hostile to ours as well as the beliefs we hold so dear.
They have vowed to raise taxes on every American, an act that would take more of the hard earned money from our workers and put it back into the pockets of an out of control government. In doing this, growth and development would be slowed to that of a pace before President Trump.
With proof from above, the Democrats will and have flat out lied to the American people for their own personal or professional gain.
They have kept information secret from the public eye in an attempt to hide any wrongdoing at the FBI.
They have put into place policies that are damaging to America’s own interest or that promote American businesses to move elsewhere to avoid the cost of being taxed into bankruptcy. 
With their policies and laws, they have destroyed our most beautiful states, cities and towns turning them into something that could only happen in third world countries.
They have made the justice system dependent on them alone and are at this time calling for any judge nominated by Trump to be a bad match for The Supreme Court of the United States. They claim the picking of a justice shouldn’t be done right before a mid-term, but ignore the fact they did the exact same thing in 2016.
They are part of the vicious liberal media who attacks the President, his supporters and anything else connected to them. They complain about the viewers of the very limited networks that support even moderate conservative ideas, and alternatively seek to destroy conservative television/radio personalities by accusing them of sexual illicit crimes they may or may have not actually been part of. Innocent until proven guilty is a stain on their system of false justice.
They have done all they can to erase the history of this great nation… including pulling down statues that have a historical significance to who we are and how we got to be where we are today.
They mock the founders of this nation and only apply the Constitution of the United States when it suits whatever agenda they work towards.
They weaponized what is the largest and most powerful arm of the United States government… the IRS… and used it to attack and ruin the name of conservatives who stood in their way.
They have in dozens of individual cases, been suspected of politically motivated homicide. 
They have pushed ideas on us that are completely opposite of the beliefs that helped found this nation.
They falsely claim that Republicans are racist… When they only wish for everyone to follow the same laws all over this great nation.
They will falsely claim against you if they have no rational statement to beat you in argument that you are either racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic or whatever suits their needs.
We, therefore the individual people of the United States of America in general congress appealing to the good people of this planet do solemnly publish and declare that We the former slaves of the Democratic Party of the United States are and of right ought to be and remain free and independent thinkers… That we are absolved from all connection between the Democratic Party of the United States is and will remain totally dissolved… That as free and Independent thinkers that they have full power to achieve whatever they need by whatever legal means they seem fit… and in support of this declaration… We pledge to fight for the rights of all men and women regardless of color of their skin or beliefs but by using the documents and articles the founders of this country framed.

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American Unity

Can we please stop the division in this country? What ever happened to e pluribus unum?  It’s all about being black or white. Democrat or Republican. Cop or minority. It’s all about the haves against the have nots. The 1% vs the 99%. What we need to realize is that we are all Americans working towards the same goal: prosperity and happiness. I don’t care about the color of your skin or how much money you make. I don’t care if your heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual, whatever. I don’t care if you label yourself as a Democrat or a Republican. I don’t care about these damn labels, they need to stop. They’re only tearing this country apart in the slowest, most painful manner. What if the United States was never formed? Yes, it could be argued that the US has done some shady things, but that’s not us. That’s not the people who made this country. That’s a government that doesn’t have its people as it’s best interest. There’s always a couple people who aren’t in it for the right reasons. But me and other average Americans? We are good people, and we are not going to apologize for something a few out of the majority did. Without this nation imagine the outcome of WWII. Imagine Russia. I don’t like to speculate but it is possible they could’ve joined forces, or worse, spark a nuclear war between the two mega nations in a world without the United States. We are good people… with dreams that have shaped this world and put hope into the hearts of both individuals and families for over 240 years. You see it’s not just immigrants who are dreamers. You talk to the men working in a coal mine or at a steel mill. The ones that have had family here for generations. They have dreams too. We all need to recognize that. We all need to see that we are in this fight together for the long haul and that we can and will continue to grow in this great American country of ours. Together, not separate. Not with labels. Not with angry crowds or polarizing statements from people in an out of touch Washington. We are better than this. We are Americans. 

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Don’t Be Fooled By “Phishy” Emails

From time to time, you’ll get an email that says it’s from Apple, Google or Facebook (or like companies) claiming that you need to “update your information” or “renew your subscription.” Be wary of these… a lot of them (a majority actually) are scams, called phishing. Their goal is simple: get as much information from you as possible. This includes usernames, passwords, addresses, credit card numbers, social security numbers and more. The people who perpetrate these crimes are usually from a far away place. Because of this, a lot of the time they make big spelling and grammar errors. If the spelling and grammar is something you’d expect of an elementary school student, you bet it’s phishing. Another clue is to look at the graphics. Do they fit with the company? Are they stretched or morphed in weird ways? Watch out for them and go with your gut. Check the email. Is it strange? All of these things are different signs that the sender is not who he or she says they are. Don’t even click on the link as it could attach spyware or a virus to your computer/mobile device.Spyware collects information about you without you knowing, basically everything you put into your computer. Then it sends that information off to wherever it’s supposed to go over the net. If you’re not sure go to the companies website (e.g. or whatever company supposedly sent it)… They will be happy to assist you. The FBI even has a page about this, though it’s old. I posted the link below. If you have any questions for me or would like more information, please contact me at
Thank you, and stay safe out there.

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North Korea: Why It Must End Now!

North Korea & It’s Atrocities Against Human Rights


North Korea is a place that is unimaginable. It’s government abuses, enslaves, tortures and murders their own people. They are treated like animals, especially in the prison camps there. There is not enough food and the government does nothing to help. Trying to escape North Korea can get not just you killed, but your whole family… Your parents, grandparents and any and all children. Basically, they wipe out your whole family and genetics. TV is limited and is usually only available with the flow of electricity, which only happens during certain times of the year. Watching television or content “not approved” can end in your whole family being sent to the prison camps- not just you. They call this “guilty by association.” In the North Korean prison camps, there is little to no food, and prisoners are known to eat rats, grass, insects and whatever they can to sustain themselves. Prisoners in these camps are starved, beaten, and tortured. One torture consists of having your fingers crushed in a hydraulic press, while another entails hanging the prisoner upside down and flogging them. Guard dogs are also used to instill fear and are known to “tear children apart.” These dogs are actually encouraged the more brutal they are. Women are not allowed to be pregnant. If a woman is found to be pregnant, they will cut her open, throw away the fetus and execute her. In public executions, people 12 and over are made to watch. First the “criminal” is beaten, then strung up to a pole with his hands behind his back. He is then shot three times in the head, three times in the stomach or chest, and then three times in the legs. The limp body is then taken in a sack and disposed of. At this time, there are an unknown number of prison camps. Six are known. Prison camp 14,  prison camp 15, prison camp 16, prison camp 18,  prison camp 22, prison camp 25.

Escaping from North Korea In Search Of Freedom- Yeonmi Park

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Another month!

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The Truth About Islam and Islamic Extremism

There is a dark shadow that covers much of the world. We’ve seen it many times… in New York City, San Bernardino, Paris, Brussels, and London. This darkness has extinguished the lives of thousands in ways that aren’t just cruel, it can be said downright evil. A menace to all men, women, and children it really is something to take seriously… But it’s important we as the people of all nations know who our true enemy is, if we are to be successful in defeating it. In every major conflict the US has been involved in, hate crimes or even acts by our own government can be harmful on what is thought to be the “enemy.” In WWII, as our brave men and women were fighting in the Pacific, there was an intense fear of Japanese spies… so much that our own government actually started to round up Japanese families. They would put them in what is now infamous internment camps. These camps weren’t like the concentration camps in Germany and throughout most of conquered Europe, but still. Like the fear which was responsible for the creation of these camps, the idea that Islam is a violent religion that calls for non-believers or “infidels” to be killed is also a downright lie. It came to be after the bombing of the USS Cole and the September, 11 2001 attacks. Groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban and more perpetuate this and the rape, murder, and abuse of American Muslims. It reenforces their ideas and helps bring certain kinds of people into their hate filled lifestyle. According to CNN and the FBI, hate crimes whose target was the American Muslim population have increased to 67% from 2014 and 2015. That’s truly awful, heartbreaking and un-American. This article will talk about the 1.6 billion followers of Islam worldwide, and will answer some questions and clear up misconceptions that stigmatize this very beautiful and misunderstood religion. I’m very happy to announce I did work with the very wonderful True Islam, a group from D.C. educating everyone to what Islam is really about. I got a chance to talk to them a little, and it was an absolute pleasure. At the end of this article, I’ll give you their website, Twitter, and Facebook. They also have great opportunity’s to meet with and talk to our Muslim friends, and become a Muslim Ally… Someone who speaks against these extremist and their hateful ideology. Here’s my question for you: How much do you know about Islam? Have you sat and actually read the Quran at all? Where do you get most of your news from? These questions are important and in any situation regarding hate, it’s probably because of a person acting on false information. How many times have you judged someone just by the clothes they were wearing? It’s when you actually sit down with them, and talk to them you realize they’re a pretty cool person. I believe most Americans will agree, that when you sit down with a follower of Islam, you’ll do the same thing. So what’s the biggest influence for people who have become radicalized? Ignorance. Many of the individuals who join Al Qaeda and ISIS have little knowledge about the Quran, or Islam in general. The proof of this is when Americans and other citizens of Western nations go fight for ISIS. Have you noticed a pattern regarding the Islamic State’s recruits? They’re all teenagers- mostly young individuals below the age of 25. Why is that? Well, several reasons… The biggest one is most likely these young men and women feel like they don’t belong in American society. Another could be that in the teen years and into your early twenties the brain is still going through stages of development. *Dr. David Fassler is a professor at the University of Vermont College and Medicine. He has said that when between the ages of 16 and 17, young men and women are more likely to be impulsive, aggressive, and will take part in more risky activities. “When confronted with stressful or large emotional decisions, they are more likely to act impulsively, without fully understanding the consequences.”  Okay, that’s great and all but you’re probably thinking I’m missing everyone radicalized in the Middle East… or, you know… born into a family with extremist views. They are even easier to understand, and I’m not going to spend much time with them because of that. If your born into a Christian family, you have a higher chance of being a Christian… If you are born into a Jewish family, you’re more likely to be Jewish… If your born into an Islamic extremist family, are surrounded by extremism or idolize someone who does, your more likely to become an Islamic extremist… Then take the fact that these people twist and distort the Quran so it fits their beliefs… and that’s how you get radicals in the Middle East.  It does leave some Muslims vulnerable to these extreme teachings. “A lack of unified, spiritual leadership is… preventing some Muslims from uniting on the peaceful nature of the teaching of Islam and Islamic beliefs.” says Nusrat, a follower of Islam and one of the individuals behind True Islam. This is something that needs to be addressed not just for the United States and other peaceful nations, but for Islam itself… because it is dying. True Islam is the first defense against radicals who wish to harm America and therefore, harm their beliefs themselves. Check out True Islam’s 11 Truths, available at the True Islam website, People are misinformed to think that Islam itself condones the violent acts ISIS commits. But again how much of that is really, actually true? Not much, as you can see if you look at True Islam’s 11 truths… and even if it is true that the Quran does not condemn these acts there’s also parts in the Bible that are pretty violent… The taking of every first born male child is pretty heinous itself… and I’ve never heard, seen or read anything that actually condones violence against “non-believers”. Truthfully the reality is much more beautiful, and something that as a human being touched my heart. “The Holy Quran clearly declares there is no compulsion in religion and the practice of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) advocates for pluralism and tolerance” writes Nusrat. “We hope to counter the major misconceptions people have about Islam with education and hope that people come to Muslims for facts other than anti-Islamic propaganda.” But what does the mainstream media think of all this? How many stories have you seen in the last month about someone who attacked someone in the name of Allah? It’s always on the news. Since 9/11 all the media does is bash the religion of Islam and that can’t be helpful to anti-Muslim sentiments and has to contribute to the rise in hate crimes against our fellow Americans. Whether you like it or not, these people are Muslim Americans who deserve as much respect as you and me. Did you know hundreds, even thousands of Muslims across the country have volunteered to stand guard at Jewish cemeteries? What about the Islamic American soldier? What about the blood drives they did after 9/11? I’m sure they did the same thing after San Bernardino and Orlando too! Go to the website and find “Cake, Coffee and True Islam” – there you can enter in your zip code and find where you can actually sit down and talk to these people. People who are just like us. Still not totally convinced? The Quran also says this “whoever killed a person it shall be as if he killed all mankind.” Probably not something you’re going to find on CNN, MSNBC or Fox. One thing Muslims have to do is go out into the world and participate in Zakat, a donation to charity which Nusrat calls “prescribed.” There’s so much more to tell. I possibly can’t cover everything here, so I encourage you to go to the True Islam website, and participate in the “Cake, Coffee and True Islam.” Listen to them, know these are our fellow citizens and they are suffering more than we are because their whole belief system has been made into something that a lot of people believe to be “evil”. Islam isn’t evil, it’s misunderstood and a lot of people just aren’t educated about it enough. Change that. 


2. Nusrat at 

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History and VR

All of you probably have that memory of sitting in school and reading your history books. Remember despising it with the passion of a thousand burning suns? Honestly not much has changed in the last 30 years, even if technology has. Our future and the lessons learned from who we were are really are in the balance… every generations view of the past is so crucial so we know who we are, and to avoid making the same mistakes. Who wants another Civil War, right? What if we combined todays technology with the stories of the past? I’m proposing a what I’m going to call a “Walk Through History Book” – where children can learn and interact with the people, places and events of that time. Using AI in combination with VR we could create an excitement… an energy around history. Think about it… Crossing the Delaware with George Washington… Sitting in on a session of Continental Congress…Being able to watch the Gettysburg Address as it would have happened… Walking with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon… Truly the limits are only are imagination.”There are infinite possibilities for what VR can do” said a spokesman from Samsung. Samsung has been a leader in VR ever since it released its own headset in the past year. I’m calling for Samsung, HTC, Oculus and Apple to step up to the plate and do whatever they can to invest in this “Walk Through History Book.” I’m also calling on Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, and Disney to possibly make this a reality along with smaller companies and individual developers. Together we can make history something fun and exciting… Everyone can do something to make sure that yesterday isn’t forgotten. It’s your move Samsung, HTC, Oculus and Apple. Do you want to be part of something truly revolutionary?

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